Beach Dresses

Boho Beach Dress

After a long work year full of meetings, running around for errands, and balancing our lives, it's vacation time!

Beach vacations always help to relax and get rid of the stress we carry all year.  The power of water takes all our worries and feeling the summer breeze with your light, and soft boho beach dress doubles the effect!

BohoClandestino beach dresses cover your entire event at the beach. For walking around the seaside after a quick swim, a beach maxi dress is the one for you. You can also wear wrap maxi dresses to get that flowy effect starting from the waist.

Candid dinners by the sea are perfect opportunities for a mini boho dress. With low cut back and tie waist details, you can add movements too. Mini dresses with vibrant colors such as red with a tie waist bring out the boho dresses' glamorous side.

Soak up the sun to the fullest with BohoClandestino Dresses

One of the best things a boho beach dress offers is the lightness it provides. With high-quality fabrics and its soft texture, it’s as light as a feather! This way, you can get all the energy the summer sun provides.

At BohoClandestino, we create dresses we love to cherish for a very long time. Our unique boho dresses for the beach have many styles, colors, and details to make them stand out at the beach.

Our button-down mini boho dress made 100% of natural fabrics, for instance, is radiant with its three color options and lets you enjoy the sun to the maximum. It's suitable for both day and night activities at the beach so you can use it for different occasions. And its cross-back straps give the boho dress a volume!

Batwing sleeves make the ultimate beach dresses

A beach maxi dress comes with many different sleeve styles: puffed, bell, kimono, short, circular, bishop, and batwing.  Each sleeve type turns a boho beach dress into a different kind and thus is specific to it.

For a beach maxi dress, batwing sleeves create a flowy appearance, perfect for beach vacations. Since beaches are sunny and breezy, with a batwing boho beach dress, you feel like you're on a photoshoot at the beach!

Many kimonos and swimwear cover-ups have batwing sleeves to provide maximum comfort for women too. With these kinds of sleeves, you can move your arms freely and enjoy sunlight as much as you want. 

Check out our printed kimono sleeve dress with four color options here!

BohoClandestino Low-cut back dresses to revive your beach nights

For your beach wardrobe, low-cut back dresses offer an energetic and alluring appearance. At beach parties, you can enjoy a glamorous beach maxi dress that is soft textured and light.

To add a little edge to your style and highlight your curves, try beach wrap dresses with a low cut back!

BohoClandestino black open back short dresses are made for beach-themed parties and dinners. They are made from natural fabrics so you can feel the summer night breeze freely. Now with five color options, you have a boho dress for every new party!

If you also like the boho skirt and white t-shirt combines, check out BohoClandestinogreen maxi wrap skirt that you’ll love in an instant!

Boho Outfits for a Perfect Day at the Beach

Beach days are supposed to be full of fun moments wearing your most comfortable dresses, tops, and skirts. Nothing too tight to make you sweat and nothing too loose to get in the way.

With clothes made from natural breathable fabrics and soft textures, Boho outfits create the comfy and colorful look you want for your beach days.