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Boho Coats & jackets

When fall comes, and winter slowly starts to make itself evident, that means it's time for boho coats. With many different styles, lengths, and colors, boho or hippie coats keep you both warm in cold weather and stylish.

Recently, ethnic patterns have become popular with jackets, giving them an authentic touch and make it look like it’s made just for you. BohoClandestino creates new patterns and colors with boho coats so that you can enjoy that unique fashion all the time with a brand new feeling!

Unique Jackets and Ponchos with BohoClandestino

It’s possible to see similar style hippie coats as they are in right now (and all the time, basically). If you set your heart on finding new gems and uniquely expressing your fashion style, BohoClandestino is the right choice.

Just like our authentic ponchos, we take pride in creating unique boho coats with a high neck, band collar, and cowl neck to catch a distinctive look.

For an outer garment, ponchos sure give a different feeling, with their covering body texture. Not only do they keep you warm, but they also show the boho style with colorful patterns.  Our BohoClandestino hooded poncho maroon is one of our most favorite. You can feel the love we put on this outer garment on a chilly night out with a black color option.

Short Jackets to Highlight Your Style

Among boho women’s clothing, many garments are loose and long, celebrating comfort and freedom for our body. At BohoClandestino, we also create tight-fitting garments such as our short boho jackets that make you feel safe and warm in the winter months.

Our unique patterned and high neck short jackets are best when combined with boho skirts, especially solid-colored ones. This way, you can catch the unity in diversity.

Another advantage of short jackets is that they are lighter compared to long jackets. They keep you warm just the same; however, you don’t feel the weight of a big coat.

You can find our short boho coats and ponchos collection here!

Bringing Back Band Collar!

We all love high neck and cowl collar hippie coats since they are classics and dependable choices with coats and jackets in general.

 BohoClandestino adds up to the appeal of boho coats with band collars. This way, you can enjoy your boho coats in more serious gatherings as well as daily activities.

Band collar hippie coats bring both a sporty style and a business-like one together.

Our Black Band Collar Jacket Green thus a perfect example of both fancy and comfy style. You can also have the gray one to combine your outfit with light colors.

Entering Fall with a Kick  

Fall brings chilly days and a sense of staying-home-is-better mentality. To continue your routines and life with intense energy, make yourself warm and stylish with boho coats and jackets of all kinds.

Wearing what you like is always helpful to get up and get things done more positively. Some days ask for an ethnic patterned poncho, while other days have the perfect weather for a BohoClandestino short jacket.

 Women’s boho hippie pants are also on the rise and suitable for all seasons with different materials, lengths, and patterns.

You can trust your boho coats and ponchos to match entirely with both skirts and pants. Different combinations create unique styles and let you express yourself freely.

Colorful hippie coats bring the heat of sunny days and become your energy booster on fall days. The power of colors you choose gives you many different options every day. So you can try many different styles with your boho coats, all the while being comfortable and stylish!