Boho Skirts

When we want to make a change and feel a little more dressy than usual, skirts are the ones to go for.  They are comfy and make you feel taller with the right skirt for your body!

BohoClandestino is a rising star in boho women's clothing that includes various boho maxi skirts and beach wrap skirts. Compatible with various events and seasons, a boho skirt is your lifelong friend!

Find Your Perfect Bohemian Skirt at BohoClandestino

A bohemian skirt is simply a beautiful piece of clothing for as long as time.  At BohoClandestino, we create cozy skirts and add unique details to catch that boho look.  Just like our embroidered boho mini skirts, you can enjoy original patterns. They provide a cute appearance with solid-colored skirts and ethnic embroidery on them. 

Elastic waist is also a common feature our skirts have to maximize your comfort. They cover your waist easily and are perfect if you're a little concerned about your waist size. Because for every size, a boho skirt with an elastic waist fit right.

Among our boho skirt collection, our patchwork skirts are one of the most preferred ones. You can wear them as beach wrap skirts too and catch the boho wave at the beach! With orange, green, purple, and dark blue options, you can try different combinations.

Ideas for Bohemian Skirts

What’s better than a boho skirt? We say one with pockets! At BohoClandestino, we know a boho skirt with pockets provide both a comfy and sporty look and stylish appearance.

Making a stylish combination with a bohemian skirt is easy since it's compatible with many pieces and can quickly turn into any style.

A flowy bohemian skirt is usually high-waist, so it goes well with cute summer tops! Try BohoClandestino tie waist summer top, or combine your boho maxi skirts with a spaghetti strap summer top.

With a colorful-patterned flowy bohemian skirt, you can combine a solid-colored crop-top and create an effortless look for beach parties. It also goes perfect for music festivals in hot temperatures, keeping you cool with a loose skirt.

While you’re at the beach, how about a tropical print kimono!




Which Skirt to Wear for Different Occasions?

A boho skirt is a savior for times you run out of ideas on what to wear. If you're going for a fancy dinner, combine your boho maxi skirts with dressy tops and a chic necklace, and you're ready!

And when it’s summer, beach wrap skirts are a must. They are easy to wear and take off to go for a swim between beach getaways. They also give you a sexy and alluring air with the way they wrap around your hip and thighs.

The freedom of movement is top with beach wrap skirts, and you can dance freely in them! A music festival or a garden wedding on hot summer days are perfect opportunities to show off your beach wrap skirts with a cute top and accessories.

Create Your Own Style with Your Boho Skirts

One of the best parts of boho skirts with all the diverse styles they offer is that you can combine them however you want!

Going for a simple look radiating naturalness? Easy. Grab your solid-colored bohemian skirt and a solid-colored top, and you're ready. Moreover, little details draw more attention with simple pieces, so a multi-layered necklace completes your style.

BohoClandestino creates a wide range of boho skirts. While expanding our collection for you to enjoy, we focus on small details, natural fabrics, and authentic patterns. As well as maxi and wrap skirts, here you can find many options for boho mini skirts you can wear in winter too!