Unique Boho Vests Make Your Boho Outfit Perfect

What completes my perfect outfit? In addition to the color and model matching required for an outfit to be perfect, some complementary pieces and accessories must be used. These can be a shawl, a necklace, and earrings, or a bag. One of the complementary parts of bohemian clothing is the boho vest that can be worn any time of the year. Although it was produced differently according to the changing fashion trends over the years, it remained faithful to the classic vest style. And we wouldn't be lying if we said that they are never out of fashion.

Boho vest tops

Vest tops cuts can differ slightly. Boho vests, which are usually short, come in round neck, square neck, v-neck cuts. Recently, it is possible to find models with boat neck or collar neck. Mainly BohoClandestino includes all types in its unique collection to satisfy every customer's taste. Collar and boat neck models give a very feminine look to the general appearance. It is especially suitable for those who love romantic touches in their outfits. You can also wear ethnic long necklaces that will show through under the collars.

Boho vests, usually buttoned from the front or the side, are closed with a single button on the neck, especially in collar or boat neck models. The lower part remains open in a V shape, creating a stylish look. It is enough to complete the outfit by wearing a slim-cut top inside the boho vest: just a perfect daily and modern outfit.

The fabrics used for the winter vest are selected from textiles made from slightly thicker natural material at BohoClandestino.

Summer vest models, on the other hand, are made of natural material but thinner fabric. It can preferably be worn with a short sleeve top.

Boho vest can be best combined with slim-fit tops, fabric trousers or jeans, skirts or shorts. This is entirely up to your choice and taste.

Favorite Boho Vest Colors

What is the most favorite color for unique boho vests? Is there any rule? We say no. There is no particular color scale, but there are some favorite colors that women prefer. And because these colors are highly desired, they determine fashion trends.  BohoClandestino is generous in color selection, just like other boho outfits in its collection. The most used and preferred colors are orange, red, petrol, authentic gray, khaki, melange, black and blue. It's also easy to combine these classic colors with other items in your outfit. You must pay attention to the color harmony in order not to strain the eyes. Although the combination of different colors is often essential as a style, try not to overdo it. Let the colors always be in balance.

You will feel cozy with unique boho vest models produced by BohoClandestino's soft and natural fabrics. Our company, which continually develops itself in boho outfits and attaches particular importance to original pattern drawings and models, strengthens its claim in the field day by day. Those who prefer to buy unique clothes will understand the importance of this. You should also have no problem returning a product that does not fit you. Besides our trendy clothes, you can also enjoy free shipping and returns for your winter and summer vest shopping.