Cottagecore Dresses

Cottagecore dresses

A picture-perfect house with a garden full of flowers and plants. People with fancy yet comfy floral dresses, straw hats, and sandals. This is the cottagecore lifestyle, and it comes with its own vintage-inspired clothes that we all adore!

Among the fashion styles, cottagecore clothes hold a special place, and they are never out of fashion. Why do you ask? Well, they represent their own aesthetic which has been loved by many people who adore nature and simplicity.

 Taking its inspiration from free fields, gardens full of colorful flowers, and a quiet lifestyle where you can listen to nature itself, cottagecore style offers a wide range of dresses.

What is a cottagecore dress?

A cottagecore dress, first of all, looks like it's out of a fairytale. A humble and simple dress with pastoral colors. With these light and warm colors, cottagecore dresses fit perfectly within prairies and open fields. That’s why; they are also called prairie dresses. 

To know if a dress is a cottagecore dress, you should look at the hemline and sleeves apart from the color choices. The hemline is long and usually ruffled with a cottagecore dress. It adds a flowy look to your style and makes your walks out in the fields more enjoyable.

Another particular part of this style is the details of cottagecore clothes. Most of the time, they have lace and embroidery details to make it look like you made them yourself!

Celebrating life in a stylish and straightforward way

With cottagecore style, there are no hasty moments but calm and long conversations with loved ones or your dear pets. Highlighting little moments in life to appreciate it more is at the core of this movement.

Dreamy dresses are a big part of cottagecore style. Light pink, white and other light colors create a space to turn your own life into a fairytale.

And just because it’s a simple style, it doesn’t mean that you can’t wear any accessories. With cottagecore clothes, there are no boundaries, and you can create your own combinations.

Humble accessories make your style even more unique. Handmade garments and accessories are a big part of this style. With BohoClandestino handmade purses made from linen, you can enjoy humble yet stylish accessories.

Our earrings complete your eye-catching style too!

Peasant tops are also loved in cottagecore style. Just like in boho clothing, they create an effortless beauty with maxi skirts. Flowy and unique, your style will exude comfort.

If you like to expand your wardrobe and get into the world of boho clothing, check out our collection and find your new favorite boho maxi dress!

Turning an ordinary day into a fairytale one with Cottagecore clothes

Cottagecore clothes and the style itself offer a new way of seeing things in our busy lives. Celebrating our most precious possessions, time and happy moments are manifested through the ruffles on your dresses.

 The multi-layered dresses with pastoral colors make you relaxed with their comfy style. With a cottagecore dress, it’s possible to reach the life we always see in peaceful movies.

The power of nature is highly felt with cottagecore clothes. They carry the pureness of open fields and prairies into your daily lives with various options of clothes.

Whether you love the style and have been following it for a long time or a newcomer and you wonder how to get into this world, don't worry.

A cottagecore dress is, just like the style itself, easy and effortless to combine. Handmade tote bags or purses are popular with them. Floral headbands and boater hats also go well with many different colored dresses.