Men's Harem Pants

The best part of boho harem pants (apart from the fact that they are the epitome of comfy) is that they are unisex clothes.  Both men and women can enjoy the unique and comfy style of harem pants. Whether you’ve just discovered harem pants for men or love them already, check out our post to appreciate these parts of men’s harem pants!

Catch the boho style with harem pants

Created for free-spirited men, boho harem pants equals comfy! When it comes to fashion, boho men's clothing already gives your body the freedom it deserves.  What harem pants for men offer is a vast collection of unique designs with comfortable and healthy materials. 

Harem pants are an inseparable part of boho style. With their loose-fitting texture and solid-colored options, men's harem pants represent your laid-back and cool nature!

Black Harem Pants: a dependable companion for casual wear and more!

Black is a noble color. BohoClandestino pairs up this timeless color with the epitome of comfy that is harem pants!


You can carry your style into your daily life with your black harem pants. They are perfect for casual wear and offer an effortless look of both sporty and boho.

On hot summer days, as well as chilly fall nights, you can enjoy your soft and light boho harem pants. With BohoClandestino black harem pants, you don't sweat, and you feel the naturalness of quality material.

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Natural colors to keep naturalness with you

Choosing natural colors for men's harem pants is like icing on top! Khaki calms you, reminding you of trees, plants all over you, anything natural!

BohoClandestino also has dark blue harem pants on the collection you can wear with a simple white t-shirt or a sweatshirt.

And with our purple harem pants, you can enjoy the power of vibrant colors too!