Our Story

Our story started in the summer of 2003 in a small village on Turkey's Mediterranean coast where we had a little stand where we sold our handmade jewelry and wrap pants that we brought from Nepal.

Manu Chao was hitting so much those days, and we used to listen to him all the time. So came the name of our small stand: Clandestino

Next year we built a sweet wooden bungalow as our shop and followed with that shop for two years. In December of 2005, we opened our first shop in Istanbul.

We let produce our designs in Nepal, imported Nepali handicrafts too. That shop was the first of this style in Istanbul and attracted a lot of attention.

In the following years, we started to produce in India and Thailand too.

We opened our second shop in Istanbul and started to sell our clothes to other shops for resell and became a known brand among Turkey's alternative people.

Work for us always involved a lot of travel. We traveled to different countries; we reached cities that no tourists would go to, source new materials, find a minor detail for adding to one of our designs or search for a technique specific to a small distant village. We traveled to sell our products too. All around Turkey, we loved to be on the roads. We loved to be close to nature. Being comfy and natural is the key to our designs. We are fed by our travels and the city that we live in. Now we produce everything in Istanbul and let the vibrant atmosphere of the town inspire us. Chaotic, sometimes challenging, but always warm like the hug of the grandmother.

As we found Boho as the style which can describe our designs, we renamed ourselves as BohoClandestino.

We hope that you find something from yourself in our clothes and that these clothes accompany you in a moment of happiness in your life.