Summer Dresses

Cute Summer Dresses

For us, summer is the dreaming time, when everything in life looks extra beautiful, enjoyable, and memorable. 

This time, let’s have a nice long talk about summer dresses, from cute ones to the ones that make you feel like floating in the air. We love boho clothing in summer, how about you?

What makes a dress a summer dress?

Dresses that wrap your body freely and make it look even more beautiful. That’s what we think of when we hear the words “summer dresses”. And of course colors! All kinds of them with unique designs and patterns.  

There are endless options when it comes to cute summer dresses. Mini ones highlight your curves and wrap them nicely. And we can’t forget about midi dresses. They carry the classic cute dresses for women to another level. How do you ask? By adding length to dress, they draw attention to your height and make you look taller.

Summer nights are made for bohemian dresses!

If you wonder new ways on how to dress boho style or new to the subject altogether, summer is THE time to try those lovely summer dresses! 

Summer nights are long and full with a light breeze that makes us want to party, have a candid conversation with loved ones, get to know new people, and learn new things. When you do all these, bohemian dresses help you look stylish! 

While you’re at it, check out our floral dresses for even more options for a beach party! 

Feel the holiday mood all day, every day

The advantage cute summer dresses have is that they turn even a colorless day into a vacation day by the beach! Now, what more can we ask from a dress?

Colorful mini summer dresses are a must in your summer closet. They are quick solutions just to put on and go with the day. Frilly and light summer dresses keep you fresh and comfortable so that you don’t worry about the heat and get things done!

Cute summer dresses: your energy source

Many cute clothes for women give us that extra energy we need on long days when we have just so much to do! That being said, cute summer dresses provide that passion with their many colorful patterns and lengths. 

How can you make your summer even more fun with clothes? Here are BohoClandestino cute summer tops with unique designs and diversity in style. 

Summer Dress Ideas

Since summer is when we socialize the most, a dependable wardrobe to offer a dress for every event is what we need. And cute dresses for women provide that sweet mood we’re going for! Let’s look at how you can combine your pretty dresses with the right accessories to complete your boho summer look!

  • Fabulous earrings to highlight your simple summer dress.

Though we love our summer dresses just the way they are, a pair of earrings gives that chic summer look we sometimes need. Whether it’s a garden wedding or a romantic walk on the beach, look chic!

  • Leather shoulder bags!

Once you put on a boho summer dress, a leather shoulder bag is a dependable companion to help you get that glow! Handmade shoulder bags with unique designs on them are also perfect for beach days or a hectic one in the city. 

Rediscover your favorite colors!

Summer colors bring out happy memories in us. Cold drinks, good music, and a free spirit! With summer dresses, each color reminds us of endless possibilities, our forever power to live the life we wanted. That’s the power of colors. And as BohoClandestino we believe it’s time to rediscover colors to write the perfect summer!