Wrap Dresses

Wrap Dress

Are you looking for a comfy and modern dress for your night out? Your answer is a wrap dress! From your summer parties to garden weddings, a wrap dress offers the space your body needs when running around while elegantly expresses your style. With wrap dresses, one thing is certain; you’ll feel the flowy feeling at its best!

What to expect from a wrap dress?

A wrap around dress is a dress that has a tying wrap around your waist; sometimes, tying is not required and is a part of the dress. 

Wrap dresses have a wide range of styles, providing a suitable one for every body size. Maxi wrap dresses can be perfect outfits for weddings with their chic and effortless appearances. They offer colorful options for you and different kinds of patterns to find that best fits you!

The most notable thing about a wrap dress is that it perfectly fits around your waist, highlighting your curves and making you more confident.

A midi wrap dress is known for its suitability for almost any occasion. It is one of the inseparable parts of your holiday package that keeps your naturalness in check. 

Wrap dress Outfit Ideas

At BohoClandestino, we know there are endless combines with wrap dresses. They can turn into any style with the right accessories! 

Check out our winter dress collection to get ready for snowy days! 

Boho dresses carry a comfy lifestyle through their outfits, with their ethnic patterns on natural fabrics. And wrap dresses are as diverse as boho style. To combine a wrap dress, you can start to think about the event place. For instance, long-sleeve wrap dresses fit perfectly to any size, and with a little accessory; you catch the ultimate look to a wedding or a fancy party! 

On the other hand, a black wrap dress is one of our all-time favorites, with a strong charm it exudes. Charisma goes hand in hand with a black wrap dress. As you can go with no accessories, a black wrap dress can transform into an even more stylish dress with a pearl necklace and earrings.

Wrap dress styles you should keep in mind for different occasions.

Here is our take on wrap dress styles and a mini guide for new starters!

  • midi wrap dress is suitable for a casual dress, offering a stylish and comfy look.
  • Maxi wrap dresses are ready for any event with unique designs. Besides being a summer dress, you can also rock a maxi wrap dress in the winter months. 
  • Wrap dress with puff sleeves gives off the impression of strong and independent women, used by many strong women icons throughout the years!


The midi wrap dress: the perfect outfit for the summer months 

When the summer sun shines brightly in the blue sky, it’s time for a midi wrap dress! The way midi wrap dresses wrap around your waist and open up elegantly till the ankle-length makes them look like a royal family outfit. And there are many examples that women from royal families wearing midi wrap dress looking amazing!

A comfy yet stylish outfit for special events: a black wrap dress

There are many reasons to love a black wrap dress: the way it makes us confident, the elegant and stylish cutting, and how they turn any event as if it’s your own! Midi, maxi, long-sleeve, ruffle-sleeve, or puff-sleeve. A black wrap dress helps you complete your look with each style! 

When you have a black wrap dress in your wardrobe, you are ready for any occasion! Now all you need is to choose one and have fun!